Advancing from practice to performance. Discover how AI can help you differentiate.

Do you feel identified with any of these situations?

Still not considering starting with AI because you don’t see its benefits clearly?

What will you get?

Obtain a perspective about AI’s reach and impact on your organization (AI literacy).

Validate practical applications of the innovative AI technologies (technical feasibility)

Check that the technology meets the needs of your target (commercial viability)

Verify that the product or service behaves as expected (functional viability)

Considerably reduce the risk of failure in AI project development.

What would happen if you don’t start an AI project?

Remaining obsolete implies not innovating, losing competitiveness, and above all, not being aligned with customer expectations. Consequently, in a limited market, you start to compete with the rest, targeting the same clients, with very similar proposals.


AI Laggard

Strategic services

Engineering services

Formation: Demystifying AI

What makes artificial intelligence so complex and unique,  is its combination of different scientific disciplines. In order for an organization to adjust its mindset towards AI, we offer a high level formation that will make clear its meaning, capabilities and reach. It all in an automotive context.

Seminar: AI in Automotive

The automotive industry is experiencing the biggest disruption in its history. AI is playing an active role in this change of paradigm. We have conceptualized a 1,5 hours seminar where we present how AI is shaping the next iteration in the automotive industry.

AI Use Case Identification Workshop

Whether you are starting or you are already experienced in the field of artificial intelligence, we help you identify and prioritize potential AI use cases for your business. This result is obtained after a workshop day between you and AI Shepherds.

1-to-1 Executive Coaching

The importance of management’s AI literacy and sponsorship for a successful AI implementation is crucial. Nonetheless, managers do not always find the time to attend to the different AI initiatives. We adjust to management schedules with our 1-on-1 executive coaching.

AI Proof of Concept

Especially due to the nature of AI, it is advisable to first develop an AI product in a test environment before its connection to the final system. With a proof of concept, it is possible to confirm or rule out the viability of an AI product with lower investments in time and money.

Do you feel identified with any of these situations?

Still not considering starting with AI because you don’t see its benefits clearly?

You have successfully developed PoCs, and now you need to frame it all in an AI strategy?

You are aware of AI potential, and now want to achieve AI operational excellence?

Do you need to maintain leadership, generating a profound impact on society and people?

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