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We are engineering

Engineering is what we know most and do best. With our long experience in the automotive industry and artificial intelligence, we can easily understand our customer’s problems and provide an appropriate solution.

Vehicle Engineering
Vehicle Engineering

Vehicle Engineering

When individuals relate vehicles and engineering, autonomous driving first comes into their minds, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Machine learning techniques can be applied across the entire vehicle design and development phases. The amount of opportunities is vast but generally unknown. Let us enlighten you.

Our AI use cases:

  • Similarities and anomalies detection on complex engineering data.
  • Automation in CAD.
  • Automation in CAE.
  • Optimizing product design using customer feedback.
  • Knowledge discovery on R&D reports , tech. specifications, patents and regulations.
  • Automatic validation planning.


AI in manufacturing has a colossal potential due to its variety of applications. In general, operations in factories become more efficient when correctly applying artificial intelligence. The challenge for manufacturers is to focus their efforts on scalable use cases that add increased value to the business.

Our customers benefit from our combination of mechanical engineering and AI domains.

Our AI use cases:

  • Factory/production line energy efficiency.
  • Calculate optimal settings for machines and robots.
  • Reduction in TAKT time.
  • Predictive maintenance.
  • Knowledge discovery in machine instructions, tech. specification and other manufacturing texts.
  • Demand & supply forecasting.
Smart Quality
Smart Quality

Smart Quality

Technological advancements have envisioned a new way to deliver quality by shifting the paradigm from ensuring compliance to creating value.

Artificial intelligence plays an enormous role in encouraging the possibilities of quality automatization. Only with machine learning and natural language understanding, the possibilities are limitless. Sharpen up your quality with us.

Our AI use cases:

  • Assessment of quality indicators in processes.
  • Quality text classification and visualization.
  • Text mining in quality issues.
  • Prescriptively solve quality issues.
  • Chatbot and conversational AI to solve quality issues.
Driver Experience
Driver Experience

User Experience

Artificial intelligence is boosting the level of comfort, safety, and driving experience to the highest of standards. Autonomous driving capabilities are shifting the interior of cars from solely driving to a full entertainment configuration. Interactions between passengers and the vehicles exponentially increase model after model.

There is huge room for innovation around the driver experience. B2C excitement is part of what moves us.

Our AI use cases:

  • Predicting vehicle breakdown and alerting car users in advance.
  • Voice assistant to access customer digital service.
  • Emergency handling.
  • Improve car settings and performance by identifying car user patterns.


Electric vehicles play a big role in the smart grid ecosystem. Their ability to aggregate electricity and sell it back to the system makes them the most versatile yet complex distributed energy resource.

Thousands of interactions happen around the “act of charging and EV” that require machine learning techniques to ensure a reliable system. We collaborate with our customers to a more sustainable planet by implementing AI in e-mobility.

Our AI use cases:

  • EV BtM aggregation for demand management.
  • DERMS / ADMS advanced functionality.
  • Advanced Volt / Var optimization functionalities.
  • Prediction of optimal charging station location/usage.
  • Energy dynamic pricing.
Automotive 4.0
Automotive 4.0

Mobility Services

The combination of autonomous driving, connected cars, electric charging networks, and on-demand car sharing will change the industry from “automobile” to “mobility.”

The complexity of connecting these systems to make automotive 4.0 possible is the biggest challenge around the automotive industry, making the use of artificial intelligence mandatory. We happen to understand the different systems of the equation. We are the perfect partner for your project.

Our AI use cases:

  • Transport and ride-sharing demand forecast.
  • Dynamic pricing to best determine a price for each ride.
  • Dynamic routing based on traffic flow and unforeseen events.
  • Increase fleet performance by identifying driving patterns.
  • Predictive maintenance of vehicles fleet.

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