The AI transformation is a long-term commitment. AI Shepherds is your guide for every step of the way.


To take the most advantage of AI, organizations must go through a series of stages in their AI transformation. In AI Shepherds, we help our customers evolve through these stages. Going from an AI laggard, all the way into becoming an AI Shepherd.

AI Laggard

No plans to start with AI. Losing market share.

Like the dot com boom in the 90s, organizations undermined the potential of AI gamble with the risk of disruption. We strongly suggest that all organizations not wait anymore and start with simple AI initiatives.

AI Explorer

Carrying out AI initiatives such as formations and PoC

Executives have understood the benefits of AI and integrated it as part of their strategy and vision. Regardless of a top-down or bottom-up approach, AI use cases are being identified, and PoC is carried out. The AI value is being created.

AI Competitor

Scaling AI use cases throughout the organization

AI culture, as well as initiatives, are widespread in the organization, automatically leveraging its potential in the different business units. PoC is efficiently and successfully carried out, and AI solutions are produced. The AI value is spreading.

AI Vanguard

Developing AI state of the art in the most ethical way

In the highest AI evolution level, organizations are at the front of their industry’s competitive line. Products, services, and processes developed are state of the art. It is all under the most ethical methodologies and conscious approaches. The AI value is pervasive.


Evolving from an AI laggard into an AI Shepherd takes time and effort. We have defined a set of services adequate to support you in each stage.

AI Explorer

Use Case Identification

Whether you are starting or you are already experienced in the field of artificial intelligence, we help you identify potential use cases for your business and classify them according to their ROI. This result is obtained after a workshop day between the client and AI Shepherds.

1-to-1 executive coaching

The importance of C-level sponsorship for a successful AI implementation is critical. Nonetheless, executives do not always find the time to attend to the different AI initiatives. We adjust to meet their schedule with our 1 on 1 executive coaching while also delivering strategic and high-level technical knowledge applied to their context.

Proof of concept

Following the Lean methodology, it is advisable to develop the product in a test environment before its full connection to the system. With a proof of concept, it is possible to confirm or rule out the viability of the AI product with lower investments in time and money.

Data Governance

Artificial intelligence is expanding across many businesses. The AI applications make predictions by inferring patterns into existing datasets. Not having the right data quality and quantity could be a barrier towards successful AI adoption. Implementing a data governance framework with an AI perspective is often the best solution.

AI Competitor

AI Product Development

In this final development phase, the AI product is brought to its live environment. Initially, a pilot phase is carried out to avoid jeopardizing the existing processes and systems while fine-tuning the algorithm. Once the training is complete, the AI product goes live.

AI Strategy Development

As an AI explorer, your AI vision statement should be clear. Defining a strategy to reach that vision is a struggle for most of our customers. With our expertise in AI and business, we will help you determine the appropriate goals and the roadmap to reach them.

AI Shepherd

AI Infrastructure Development

The execution of an AI Development Project does not end with implementing the necessary algorithms and products but with their deployment and availability to the end-user.

At AI Shepherds, we offer the necessary technical advice to define the best infrastructure, cloud or on-premise, for the optimal deployment and use of AI applications.

AI Research

In collaboration with our extensive university network, we support you bringing your AI solutions to the next level. From paper review to more complex research projects in AI is in synergy with our focus.

Ethics in AI

What differentiates an AI Shepherd from the rest of organizations is the omnipresence of ethical best practices in all AI activities. We are the pioneers in this matter and can guide you on systematically implementing these activities. The end goal is conscious growth.

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