Prediction of electric vehicle charger utilization in Berlin



The client has access to 433k chargers throughout Europe. We focus on the city of Berlin for a PoC.


It is not clear what are the success factors of an electric vehicle (EV) charger. Therefore, the proper location of new charging stations is unknown. Additionally, EV users can not schedule their charging due to the lack of ML.


Among others, prediction of hourly charger utilization leads to: identification of best location for new chargers; charging scheduling for EV users; better city planning.


Architecture: Local. Google Colab.

Developing language: Python

Data mining frameworks: CRISP-DM.

ML techniques: Attribute reduction whit K-Means
Supervised learning whit Decisions Tree Regressions and Random Forest.

Results: Accuracy between 82% and 97% depending on the hour of the day

This project was carried out by the AI Shepherds’ team.
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